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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Message from October 19, 2015

Hey how’s everything going? The earthquake was awesome I have never been in a earthquake but it was pretty cool to see everything shake!! :) It’s awesome here in La Loma my companion and I are learning all sorts of great things about the work, we are improving to be a lot more effective and although we have not had a baptism in a while we are not getting down but we are trying to be the most obedient and hardworking missionaries that we can!!

One of the families that we are teaching is just super fun. They are great and at first the papa said that he wasn’t going to let his family get baptized but now it looks like he’s chilling out a lot!! We are also excited because we found a new FAMILY!!!! WOOOOOO! They seem really great as well, and we are excited to teach them!!!

The work is great and the gospel is true

Hope ya´ll have an awesome week

Love you Kaden and Brennen. keep on working hard reading the scriptures and being awesome!!

Elder Sandberg :)

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