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Thursday, January 28, 2016

October 26, 2015

Well this week was just awesome. My companion and I work a full!!!! to find new people and to follow the spirit!!! 

One thing that I am really learning is the importance of having the Spirit and following the impressions of It. There is no other way to live this life If we don´t listen to the Spirit we cannot have success. For that reason I want to challenge all of you guys to follow me in a a short exercise this week. I will be recording all of the impressions I receive in my journal at the end of the day. The goal that we can be more attentive to the whisperings of the Spirit, and that we can follow these impressions with exactness!!:) I´m Stoked!!! :) 

In other news my compañero and I are having an awesome time teaching the Family Fernandez! Haha everyday my companion and I are laughing there are a lot of great things happening.  There are a lot of Dogs that follow us around. I never had a dog as a kid But if feel like I have like 100 dogs here in the mission. Brennen If you get called to South America you will meet so many Dogs!! :) 

Its still a blast to live with four companions, I feel like we are in the movie The Best Two Years at times!! :D If you arrive a little bit tardy you receive ¨"Malo Slaps" So watch out!! :) all is good laughing and joking around and working hard!! Well have an awesome week. We sure will down here in the lowest set country in the Americas!!

Hasta la Proxima!! :)

Elder Sandberg

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