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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Este Semana

This week we found a couple of new people that could be potential chosen investigators! First of all, we had Pablo who is 11 years old (like Brennen) and is awesome!! He is also, like brennen, really smart!! We are teaching him with his aunt who is a recent convert!! and she is helping a lot!

Next we have Walter and Mariana who are awesome! They are a young couple who have both had rough lives, but are awesome. They have been making a lot of amazing changes in their lives and now they are going to get married and be baptized!! They have two little boys one is turning 2 today and the other is turning 3 next Tuesday!

After that we are still teaching a couple Hebe y Rafael, Rafael is 25 and Hebe is around 50. It is a little bit interesting, but they say that they really care for each other... some of the time and other times it seems like they have problems cause Rafael is a man of few words. They need to either get married or separate, to be baptized and It looks like they will be submitting papers to be married. So I will keep you updated on that!

Next we are teaching 2 girls Dañela and Eliana and they were actually dating for 3 years, but we taught the the law of chastity and we told the that they should pray about it! Also Dañela especially has a testimony of el Libro de Mormón. So this will be a test of there testimony. Despite everything they were actually progressing a little. But I will let you know what happens!

Thanks for all of your love and support I am so happy for the time here I have to represent the Lord and to work in His vineyard!! 

Until next week… 


Elder Sandberg 

Walking the streets of Jujuy!
 A view of our city
Our Neighborhood.