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Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey Guys

Hello Everybody How are you all doing? This week has been incredible with a lot of awesome moments!!! Elder Jensen and I are here in the center of the city of Salta actually very close to where I was in my first area, and it is awesome because I have actually gotten to see a lot of the members of my first ward here in Argentina!! They are all doing great like always!!! 

This week to start was awesome because we got to do a project with the whole stake and our zone, we got to go and clean up the hill of San Bernardo where there was a lot of trash that was built up. People just throw a lot of their trash out on the side of the road and we went and cleaned it all. It was a fun project we got dirty and we cleaned a lot of trash!! :)

This week we also had the opportunities to find some new families that we will be teaching and we are very excited about this!! :) It is a blast being with my old companion Elder Philpot and Elder Garret the zone leaders and my companion Elder Jensen!! We are always learning so much from them and having a blast!!

I know this week will be awesome, we are very excited!! :)

Until next week...

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Hi how are you guys doing? I'm sorry I don't have much time this week but I want to say that things are awesome!!! I am with my awesome companion Elder Jenson for another transfer and we are super excited. Also my old companion Elder Philpot and Elder Garret are in our apartment!!! This will be an amazing transfer!! 

I'm sorry I couldn't write anything more inspiring but I love you guys and I hope you all have an awesome Week!! 

chaucitos!!! :)

September 14, 2015

Heeeey ho´r yall doin? This week has been awesome!! Easily one of the best weeks I have ever had!! My companion (Elder Jensen) and I worked really hard to do our best and we had a lot of success and a lot of fun!! He is an awesome and an amazing missionary that has taught me a lot!!! We have not only been companions but great friends also!! :)

To begin with we committed 5 people to be baptized and we found 3 new people. We are Excited to say that these people are awesome and we hope that they will continue learning and wanting to have the restored Gospel so that it can change their lives!! Possibly the thing I love the most is to see how the gospel changes lives and saves marriages and families!! There are so many people out there that the Lord is preparing for us to go and teach, and as our president always says, NOW IS THE TIME TO HARVEST!! So don´t wait to share the gosple share it now! ¨for behold the field is white all ready for the harvest; for behold he the thrusteth in his sickle with his might the same layeth up in store in heaven¨ (D&C 4). And then there is the promise that if we open our mouths they shall be filled, not with food but with the words of God!! ;)

I am also so grateful for my brothers and your examples to me. I always tell the people how my brothers are The best brothers ever!!! I hope you guys have an awesome week! Always remember that the mission is the best decision I ever made!!

Well then to finish I want to send a shout out especially to my great Friends Elder Wilson, who's letters have helped me a lot in building my testimony and seeing the way that he is working!! Thanks man you're awesome!! And also for the great time this week when we had divisions with the zone leaders, and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my old companion Elder Philpot who's example always helps me want to be a better missionary and develop more the characteristics of Christ!! 

until next week! 

Elder Sandberg

September 7, 2015

This week was an interesting week we really tried to work our hardest in all that we did, we looked for people and we tried to show love for everyone. One thing that I have been really learning with Elder Jensen who is also one of my favorite companions. I have worked with, is the importance of helping others feel awesome. Haha what I mean by that is that we help them feel our love for them and we look for the good in them. We have seen many great thing happen when we compliment the people that we teach!!

This week we saw a miracle with the mom of a child we are teaching whose name is Jorge. Jorge is 11 years old and is really an awesome guy. Since he is 11 we had to go to his house to ask his mom permission if we could keep teaching him and eventually baptize him. So we get to the house and the mom answers the door and the first thing she said is "I'm Catholic and my Children are Catholic", which is never a good sign for missionaries who are trying to teach the Restored Gospel. We continued talking with her. We tried to explain about what we teach and how it blesses the lives of the people. Her heart was softend and said that we could teach her son and maybe she would go to church.

I want to finish by saying how much I love you guys, Brennen keep on being a great friend, look for the people you feel comfortable with that will help you keep your standards and keep treating everyone with kindness. I know that by that manner you will help a lot of people feel love and acceptance and you will also have fun on the journey. 

I love you guys and I love the gospel that we have to bless our lives!! I hope that you all have a great week and continue to strengthen your testimony in our God, and our Savior Jesus Christ!!


Elder Sandberg

August 31, 2015

Well This week went a lot better. We worked a lot with the members of the ward and were able to have some family home evenings!! I guess it has been a while since I have had the time to think about my day and analize everything. as you know the last week was hard but this week has been a lot better, we tried and worked better. I think that the journal has been something that I have been missing because with out it it is hard for me to reflect on the Day!! I continue trying to do my best and to learn from my mistakes!!

This week we had the chance to teach a guy named Jonatan Ramos who is a strong evangelista but we bore testimony and felt the spirit throughout the leccion and he for the first time opened up to us and he said that he felt like even though he had studied extensivly the bible he felt like he didn´t know God, We are going to help him and show him that God helps people, and that his church exists he said he felt something different during the leccion but couldn´t describe it!! : 

I love you guys and I hope this week goes amazing for you!

Love you lots 

Elder Sandberg

August 24, 2015

Here are a few Photos from the Mission. Elder Sandberg and Elder Jensen: 

August 17, 2015

It was a great week. We found a lot of good things in the barrio and I hope that we can continue having good experiences. My companion Elder Jensen is awesome, he is great, he is very service oriented and he has a lot of caridad (Charity) for all of the people. We get along great!! Well I don´t have any more time but I took a ton of fotos this week and I will send them to you next time!! :) We have a great ward and a lot of potential here!! Love you guys tons.

Elder Sandberg

August 11, 2015

Estoy Feliz en escribirles hoy!!(I am happy to be writing you!!) Today we had transfers and I am no longer in Jujuy!! It Was a wonderful time of growth and happiness and I will forever love the people from there!! They have helped me feel at home and have lightened my spirits! I wish the best success for the families that are there in Jujuy! really I have been blessed with the kindness and happiness I have received from those members.

Now I a back in Salta and this time with El Elder Jensen, from Saint George UT. He is great and I am excited for the opportunity that I have to work with him and to learn From him!! :) We are now in a very rich area and we are very excited to start the work!!! :)

That bit about Mate from mom made me laugh!! Mate is a drink that absolutely everyone drinks!! Its Dilicioso  literally this is the biggest country that drinks mate they even have statues of people drinking mate. The people always have a cup of mate!! I was actually drinking mate before I came to write!! I will have to send you some yerba for the cup!! :)

Anyways I want to say I love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful week enjoying every moment because we have the gospel we can have so much peace in this life!! :) 

With All MY Love 
Hasta la proxima! Elder Sandberg

ps this is my new compaƱero and the other is the familia castillo whom we were teaching they are aweome!! :)

August 3, 2015

This week has been inspiring I can say like Kami Maxwell, that this week has been full of Difficult times and also great times!! A lot of times we have to take some time to observe the steps of our feet, and take a look at where we are going. 

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to have interviews with the president of the mission. He said three things in particular that helped me feel great and more at peace. First he said that I have been a good missionary. Second that I can accomplish the goals I have in the mission. The other thing he said is that we always have the opportunity to help ourselves get excited about the mission and the work we do!!

I am excited and grateful for another year in the mission. I know I can do better in being outgoing and positive and in growing my testimony. I want to be a better person and become more like Christ, I will do what I can.

I love you guys so much. I will try to make this week even better.

Elder Sandberg

July 27, 2015

This week was very awesome, full of prayer and fasting. I know that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and that we have more potential then we think!! ;) Life is awesome in the mission it is so great to be able to serve and love the people here. At times we pass through trials but if we have the HOPE we can have the vision that all will work for our good in the end, if we keep the commandments!!

 This week we put a better effort in the work and we saw some great progress in the people!! This week we  helped push a young couple to get married and they agreed that they were going to look into it!!  I am excited for them and all that is happening !! This next week will be an awesome week as well!!

I love yo u guys so much and I am learning a lot. I know that the Lord at times gives us weaknesses so that we can be more humble and learn, and At times  he can take away  the trial or sometimes his just helps us bare with more ease.

I hope you guys have an awesome week

Love you guys.

Kaden I hope you enjoy Japan!! you are awesome!! ;) take lots of pictures!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Photos From Argentina

Elder Sandberg and Elder Jensen at a Zone Conference

Thinking of King Benjamin

Zone Conference

Elder Sandberg and Elder Jensen Offering Service

Missionary Work brings happiness

The Book of Mormon changes lives!

Where's Nico? 

First Days with Elder Jensen

Ice Cream is always good. 

Elder Sandberg and Elder Jones