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Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 4, 2016

This week went well I was able to work with my "son" in the mission Elder Alava, We were able to accomplish a lot, although we had one investigator who said that she was afraid of what her family would say and so she said that this would be the last meeting with her. We testified of the truth of the gospel and we invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon so that she could see for herself that all that we are sharing with her is true!! She is really great and we hope that she really does pray!! :)

About the backpack sister Chaparro said that backpacks in the mission are usually not preferable they always tell the missionaries to have a bag like I have instead of a backpack. But she talked about how there are some bags that have a strap for the waist so I´m not sure how that works but if you found one that would be great!! I’m not sure there are a lot of people who have backpacks but she said that the standard is to have a bag!

I really actually feel comfortable with the bag I have for now I adjusted it so that it is a lot better!! I will let you know if it starts to bug me another time!!  How does that sound? 

And I am so happy that you guys are going to start the challenge. I know that it will bless your lives!! :) This week I was able to read a lot about Abinadi and King Noah, and I like this story a lot  because it show the courage that Abinadi had to stand up to the king and even be a martyr for what he believed in. It’s a little like our lives we can be like Abinadi and always stand up for what we believe in! 

I loved hearing the story about how dad could share the gospel I think that its so great and It made me really happy!! :)

This week we were walking through a park and some people yelled “Hey Elders”, and we went to talk to them. It turned out to be an awesome family that was just enjoying some time together they were not members and had a lot of questions about who we were and why we are here. We happily replied and explained about what we believe and why we are here. This week we will have the opportunity to visit them.

We also had a great experience when I felt the spirit strongly and knocked on a door and found a great family.

Love you guys so much keep on being awesome!! :)

Have a Great week

Hasta la Proxima!! :)

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