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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All is well in Salta!

Thanks Dad I loved what you told me about the Savior and his mission and what Elder Holland said. Well I can sure say that this has been quite the journey with ups and downs twists and turns, but God helped me in these times where I felt myself having questions and all. Though I don´t know everything I don´t need to. Faith isn´t to have a perfect knowledge its to believe and at times we need to chose to believe. For insomuch as we experiment with these words and we let them stir within us they will start to grow and we will start gain more and more faith until we have a perfect knowledge!!

For a while here we have not been baptizing in the area but we are not going to get our hopes down. God asks us to do our part and to try our best and he will do the rest!! I also have learned a thing or two about REAL INTENT. Its so important that we really mean what we do!! You should read as a family in the Ensign REAL INTENT its in the newest and it is really awesome!! I know that when we do things in our lives with real intent and because we love God, we can accomplish ALL.

I am so happy to Read the Book of Mormon every day! It makes me happy to learn and to feel the spirit. Its so important that we keep on fortifying our testimony about The Book of Mormon, because it will help us always rely on it, and learn and be fortified in times that are hard!!

It is a pleasure living with the zone leaders they are awesome and are always trying to go the extra mile!! My companions a great friend and Elder Garret is an awesome friend and teacher too, and Elder Philpot is just awesome MOM I know you would just get the biggest kick out of him he is a great friend!!

I also want to say I love you to my brothers. Kaden you are awesome I always tell all of the families we talk to that you are awesome and you remind me of Nephi and Captain Moroni! Also you have always been my best friend along with Brennen, I am so happy to hear that you are continuing to serve the Lord in His mission. Its the Greatest thing you will ever do! You will love and enjoy it and Learn so much from it and most importantly you will help other families have Christ in their lives and families and help their families be forever!! 

As for my cuddle buddy Brennen!! I know you are growing so fast and that you have matured so much, I also look up to you as an example you are always so kind and thoughtful towards everyone. You remind me of Nephi, although he was a younger brother, he was a grand example, and I know that all is there for you to gain and achieve in your life. Remember to continue making time each day to read the book of mormon and I promise that you will have so much joy in your life and that you will see all the changes that you want!! I love you so much Brennen!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week, mom you are the best! Thank you for showing me Christ in all that you do!! and Dad thank you for being an amazing example and for always loving and taking care of me like our Heavenly Father does to all his sheep!! I always brag about you guys!! Today I told another missionary about how my dad does the LOTOJA he is from Holland close to the Tour of France and was very impressed and said it was awesome!! :) 

Love you guys!! 

Elder Sandberg :)

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