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Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi guys, I just want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity I have had to know you guys and also that I have had in the mission. I feel like my Father in Heaven really has helped me all the way!! I know that he really answers our prayers when we pray with Faith, but to have Faith is to act with total diligencia also. 

Today my Portainio companion de Buenos Aires went home at 4 in the morning and now I am with Elder Philpot from Arizona. We get along great and we both have great desires to serve the Lord and to work with total diligencia! He also has really good study ethics so I am excited to learn from him! He has 8 months in the mission. We are Ready to have an amazing translado! (transfer)

I am so grateful for the gift of agency, and the power to learn how to work with the Spirit and the Lord!! I know that The Spirit is the key to missionary work without the spirit we are just a bunch of young men who don't know how to speak Castellano! 

I am grateful for your inspiring stories of your lives and all that is happening. I tell you guys this particularly because I can see that you are all involved in worth while things and It makes me happy to know that all is going well!!

I am short on time today the internet was really slow. but I want to say thanks you guys and I am looking forward to next week when I can let you know even more!!

Have the best week,

Elder Sandberg

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