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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hola mis amados amigos y familia

I am the happiest I have ever been in my life!!!!!! I really don't even know where to start!! Elder Philpot is a stud!!  We get along really well, and I am excited for this week!! I am going to start taking more photos now!

This week we saw the hand of the Lord in our work "A Full" First with a familia who are called Del Zotto, its Raul, Mirian and their 3 children!! Raul and his family are so prepared for this message. He has already accepted a date to be baptized!! We had a lesson and the spirit was amazingly strong!! They all comprehend really well the lessons and concepts and are applying our teachings in their lives!! We also met a man whose name is Pedro Dias and he accepted a date of baptism also!!! As far as the work goes in this area we are trying our hardest to be obedientes and diligent and work will all of our mind soul and strength. rain or shine!!

This week it rained a crazy amount! The roads were rivers!! We found some gumboots and we started to walk and visit houses it was very fun! We walk fast, work hard, and come home exhausted, but we are having a good time!! 

Also we have this awesome member who is called Miguel he is about 50 years old but has the mentality of someone who has 8 years. He asked me the other week if it snows in the United States like it does in Narnia!

I love you guys and I hope that this week was an awesome week for you!
I cant wait to hear more from your lives it brings me joy to hear from you!!
Thank you for all of your encouragement!! If there is anything you want to know send me an email and I will try to include it in my weekly letter!! :)

Elder Sandberg

Nico in the Campo

Sunset in Pichanal

Look at the size of the bugs in Argentina!

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