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Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Not much of a letter to post this week, however, we did find these photos from a zone conference/Christmas Party which Nico attended. It is good to see that the mission agrees with him. We were able to speak with him on Christmas day and he is doing great! 

His new area is quite rural and many of the homes are shacks built with wood walls and no indoor plumbing. He did say they are blessed to have a toilet in their apartment.  Christmas can be pretty crazy. In fact they have had members walk them home to make sure they arrived safely with all the drunks in the street celebrating the holiday. 

He thinks it is beautiful in the pueblo of Pichanal. There are dogs everywhere. One funny story he told us was when they were teaching a discussion. Nico looked outside to see an older man walking down the road. As he passed the dogs started barking at him. The old man reached into his pocket and pulled out a large  knife. He began swinging the knife at the dogs and threatening them. Then he grabbed some sticks and started jabbing at the dogs as if they were spears. Needless to say it was hard to feel the spirit with all that going on outside. 

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