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Monday, December 1, 2014

First transfer in the Argentina!

Today we had transfers, and now instead of being in central Salta in the nice touristy part, I am living in a small pueblo north called Pichanal y a Mi me encata(and I love it)!! As I look around I am the only white person! I just arrived this morning and I really don’t know a lot so far about the town but I am excited to get to know it better!! :) I am now with an Elder Arcos De Buenos Aires, and he is great so far!! We live in an apartment that is about the size of our living room!! and my companion was saying that the temperature gets to about 40 degrees celsius or more thats like around 1104 degrees.

I am very excited to work hard and to get to know the area!! We will go out and visit some families tonight so I will have to let you know how everything is, and how it compares!! It really is just fun!! the food is great and the country is beautiful!

To my family I love you and I am glad you had such an amazing Thanksgiving, and I am stoked to talk to you guys in a few of days!! :) I am about out of time now but I will update you more next week!!

Ustedes son De Diez!! (You are of Ten)

Elder Sandberg

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