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Friday, July 24, 2015

7-20-15 A Great Week !

I am really blessed to have this time to be in the mission. I hope my brothers can understand the importance of the work we do here. Note to Kaden and Brennen, now is the time to prepare to serve. I know that bobby and daddy are already helping you guys develop the skills you will need physically, mentally and spiritually. Remember, in the mission, the Lord asks for all your heart, might, mind and strength!! D&C CH:4 

I want you guys to know how merciful the Lord is with me and all of the people in Argentina, he is helping me to overcome barriers that I thought that maybe I couldn´t over come! This week satin tried to tempt us with a lot of distractions and lies. I have learned this is something he tries to do a lot. He tries to make you think that you cannot do things and he does it very convincingly. But we just need to catch ourselves, every time we say to ourselves that we are not good enough, and then we need to say we can!! Like Kami Maxwell says “we can with the Atonement”!!!

This week was great! It was full of finding new people, teaching lessons, being inspired, having all of the drunk people contact us, and having a family of investigators attend  church. Also we had two more which includes one investigator who had a lot of problems getting up in the morning. What a blessing !!! :)

I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a great week dad, bobby, Kaden, and Brennen! 

Love you guys a ton,

Elder Sandberg


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