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Friday, July 24, 2015

7- 13- 2015 Progress

How are you guys? This week was one of the most challenging weeks I have faced!! But never the less I feel good! :)

It started with the unexpected  operation of my companion. At 4 in the morning he asked me for a blessing! After I gave him the blessing we slept for a bout 30 min. Before going off the the hospital. It turns out that he had appendicitis and they had to operate. The good thing is I got to keep him company and we were able to look at the good in the situation. Before the operation I gave him another blessing and felt at peace. To clear things up, I waited what would be only a short time before the President of the Mission arrived with his wife and companioned me!

It was exciting. Instead of doing worse this week we actually had a better week and improved our numbers and we saw some good progress with our investigators. now Amalia has a date to be baptized she just needs to attend the church!! :P 

We have been exceedingly blessed in these past days. We had to arrange everyday for someone to companion me and someone for my companion but we were able to do it!!

I was reminded of my family when we visited the family Viltes family this week. They are a very awesome family, They are united and I know that they are going to progress in their own time, right now only the Daughter is progressing but the life of the gospel is contagious. I know that the rest of the family will accept also!! :) 

I Love you guys and I know that this week will be a great week!! Thanks for your advice about everything.

I wan´t you to know that I am alright That I know that the Lord will help me I have faith because he has helped me in many situations this week!! :)

Until next week!! 

With all my love I am so grateful for the family I have!!

Elder Sandberg

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