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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1st

Sorry I can’t send this week from my own account. There has been a problem with the system in all of South America and some of the people can log in and some others cannot. But the Iglesia says that they will resolve the problem as soon as they can. So today I will send from this account and then you can reply to my other account and I will be able to read it later!! :)

All is well here we didn´t have the best week with the work. We let a lot of little thing distract us and we didn´t work as hard as I would have liked to. At first I was a little discouraged but then I thought "isn´t this what the church is about giving us chances to change?" I know that it will take work and that It won´t be easy but I know that the Lord will help me as I put forth my effort. 

I am very blessed to have a companion that wants to work hard. He is a good companion, I hope he doesn´t think bad of me for these first 2 weeks. I really want to put God first. We read the letter from  the president today and it was all about self discipline and being a disciple and how the words come from the same root which means student. He said that the apostles in the time of Jesus gave up everything to follow Christ.  And that the blessings for following Christ far out weigh the sacrifices.

I know that every person in the church has an impact and that we all have different rolls. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he wants the best for us and that its never to late to change (before the second coming of Christ) but rather the perfect time to change is now!

I love you guys so much and will let you know what happens this week. And this night I will receive your package. Love you guys so much!

Until next week, 

Elder Sandberg

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