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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hola from the heart of the city of Salta!! :)

Walking the Streets of Salta
I am right now in the heart of city of Salta, in a cyber, which is a internet cafe there is some crazy Argentinian rap playing! Everything is so different!! My area is all pretty much city we basically have two areas portezuelo uno y dos, half of it is rich and and very lindo (cute, or enchanting) and the other half is very poor! They basically have left over bricks and rocks and wood planks for their house! and blankets and left over posters for doors! My compa├▒eros name is Elder Edwards from California, with his glasses he kinda looks like Clark Kent. They call us Elder Kent, and they call me Elder Capit├ín America! The members are very nice and have so much faith! We work a lot with the members a familia Florez(who are recent converts) and are just awesome!! a boy named Maxie who is about 15 and is a Kappo (stud or boss) and also Simon (who served his mission in chile). He is about our age and is very much a kappo also!! 

Elders Edwards and Sandberg
(Elder Clark Kent and Elder Captain America)
We have to be careful though cause there are a lot of "snakes" everywhere even in our ward!!! I love the area though the people are so nice and accepting!! The food is great! there are a lot of empanadas! and Pasta which I love!! :) As far as the language I am so grateful for the prayers of my family!! I can now pretty much understand most of what people are saying and respond in my broken Castellano!! :P :) Its great though I don't let myself get discouraged because I know if I am doing everything I can on my part the lord will do the rest and Carry me!! :) I just had one time this week where for about a half an hour I was just like!!! AHHHHH, but I prayed and read the scriptures and It was better!! Sometimes you just need to take on your mountain one step at a time!! I am also convinced That Goals and Planning is so Important and that is something I am becoming better at!! My companion described it this way! Once you climb one hill(one goal) there is another and another after that, but little by little you are climbing higher and becoming better!! :) 

We have had some pretty funny experiences!! One time this guy comes out of nowhere and he is smoking a cigarette  and he has tattoos and he obviously chews also! and he has this shirt that says "football, beer, women" and he says I want to come to your church where and what time is it?? It was great! I only have five minutes left but I want to bare my testimony to you!! 

I know this church is true and I know that God loves us and has a plan for all of us!! I know that when we read the scriptures and turn our hearts unto god in prayer, God will bless us help us to become better!! We will be able to do more than our mortal bodies are capable of doing!! "God can do more with a humble and obedient soul than a person can with just pure talent"!!! Please know that I love you all soo much, you all have made a difference in my life and I am better because of you all!! Please, my family, know that I keep you next to my heart and I pray for you I love you so much!!! Please share this word and this gospel with others and look and pray for opportunities to serve!! We are so blessed to have this gospel in our life!!! It is amazing I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood, I had the opportunity to give my first blessing in castellano this week, I am thankful for the opportunity and the spirit that was there!! 

Have an amazing week and I will talk to you next week!! :)

With love from Salta!

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