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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ok so I am going to start from when I landed!!! It was very rough and I almost lost my lunch. We could not see anything but gray clouds all around us!! But we finally made it!!!

We had to take a bus into the airport because we there was not enough room for our plane! On top of that there was a strike at the airport and nobody was working so we had to wait for about 4 hours, but we talked to this awesome guy who told us all about the money and the "blue dollar".

After that we got the opportunity to see Buenos Aires for a little visit the Buenos Aires temple (but not go in) and visit the MTC here!! We tried some great food!! Then we met the President and I love him he speaks Spanish and English perfect!! He doesn't even have a Spanish accent!! It has been awesome here I love the people and everything!! 

I want to bare my testimony!!  I love the gospel and I love the people!! I am so grateful for the opportunity God gives us with the gospel! The gospel is so beautiful!! I wish I could convey the importance and the wonderful blessing that the gospel means!! But I know that the Lord has a way of preparing his people!! And, even though we are the only two Elders in basically 2 areas(Portezuelo 1 y Portezuelo 2) God can and will help us find the people he has prepared for the gospel!! I am so grateful for the blessing of families and Christ's atonement, The gospel is so wonderful and powerful it can change even the vilest of sinners and the hardest of hearts and save them for eternity. Knowing this has been the happiest thing and It brings me joy everyday!! I love you so much my family I hope you all have the best week and I cant wait to hear from you next week!! 
Me and my comp with some of the sisters from the MTC
My first area

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