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Saturday, October 25, 2014

To my Family and Friends

¡Hola mi familia y mi amigos! (Hello my family and my friends) ¿Como estan?(How are you?) ¿Cual es nuevo en sus vidas? (What is new in your lives?) 

        Typical Street I walk in my area in the city of Salta.

Wow there is so much I could tell you!!! I will start with our investigators. First we have Nanci who is an amiga (friend) of  the Familia Florez!! (the familia Florez are converts as of 4 months ago and they are amazing! They prayed about the book of mormon and got an answer and their whole family was changed forever!! The parents used to drink a lot and the father wasn’t very good but they completely changed and now their whole family is stellar! The father and mother are kind and full of life and caring!!) Anyway Nanci is awesome she is about 38 and is hungry for the gospel and change in her life. She is friends with Dina Florez (the mother and they are about the same age) and yesterday we bore our testimony of José Smith challenged  her to read the introduction of the book of mormon and pray about it!!  We are so excited for her! She saw the change in the live of the Familia Florez and wants the same for her family!

Next we have Gonzolo Gonzalez who had all of the leciones (lessons) except one, la lay de castidad (the law of chastity), and so we taught him and he want to get baptized!! He is actually a referral and he is just out of our area so we are setting him up to be baptized with the missionaries in his area!! He is stellar and has such a great spirit!! He is 20 years old!!

Also we have a investigator named Brenda who is 28 and is awesome she just needs to have a spark in the gospel and then she can build her testimony from there!!

This week was kinda weird my companion was sick for a day so I made the best of the day and cooked some Mate ( a popular drink here in Argentina I like it but its basically boiled grass clippings) and I did a study of Doctrine and Covenants and I got in 2 work out sessions and cooked some brownies for my companion!

Anyway, You guys are awesome I would love to hear whats up and whats going on In your lives I hope you have the best week 
Until next time!!

Elder Sandberg!!

(This is an additional letter sent to Brennen. He is Nico's youngest brother.)


I want you to know that I love you and I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time at school!!! :) I miss YOU so much and I want you to know I talk about you I tell people how cool my brother is and how smart and thoughtfull he is!!

I'll tell you Brennen there is a lot of darkness here in Argentina. A lot of the people here don't live very happy lives because they don't have the gospel in there lives and they are lost and confused!! But with the scriptures and the help of family we can have that light in our lives.

Think about how much your mommy daddy and kaden have helped you!! They love you so much!! I want you to know that I am doing well and trying to do what God wants me to do because God knows us so well. He knows us the best!! :) I hope you have a wonderful week Brennen and if you have any questions about here and what it is like just ask me!! :)

I love you Brennen so much, you are so amazing and special!! and a good example to me!! :)

Love your brother forever Elder Sandberg

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