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Thursday, August 7, 2014

So... first week in the MTC was pretty awesome

So... first week in the MTC was pretty awesome
I met my awesome companero Elder Danielson on Day 1! He is awesome It is very easy to get along with him! He is pretty much like my brother already! It was very nice to meet my District, we have a lot of happy good kids! :) The Spanish is coming along faster and better each day, our teacher teaches us just speaking Spanish, we are learning Spanish by immersion!!! The first day in Spanish you didn't really know whats going on, but through the spirit and the gift of tongues, we have all grown and learned a lot!! we also started having the opportunity to teach an "Investigador" in Spanish by the 2nd or 3rd day! it was kinda crazy but WE started to get the hang of it and now its coming easier. we are already praying and baring our testimony in Spanish! We get up at 6:30 every morning go to classes, then we have Personal study time for an hour, then Companion study for an hour, the Language study for an hour! then later on we either study more or we go to a devotional which are always the best!! :) we are actually not on the Main MTC campus we are on the "west campus" Which is where all the Spanish speakers go It is just a set of BYU apartments Turned into classes and dorms. I love it here though you can always feel the spirit so strong and there is a awesome feeling of bonding between everyone! Im looking forward to coming closer to God and The Gospel as I learn from my teachers and My district and the Scriptures, I bear my testimony that this is the true church and that Thomas S. Monson is our inspired prophet, Nothing can make me more happy then being out here to serve! I love you guys be safe and Ill pray for you.

Your Missionary Elder Sandberg!!

Here are some pictures
Me and My Componero

Taking it easy with some food we were given from "Dear Elders"



La clasa

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